Friday, January 8, 2016

Tenacious D is back and better than ever!/OneRepublic/status/202417491601915905 Millions around the world were rocking out to the new Tenacious D album, “Rize of the Fenix” on Tuesday. Fans of Jack Black and Kyle Glass were ecstatic in March when the duo announced the new album along with a worldwide tour, and now that the record has finally hit shelves, nobody is disappointed.!/LaurieRodrig/status/202444763302084608 Can't stop listening to Tenacious D's new "Rize Of The Fenix" album! — Tom Cocker (@TomCocker_Media) May 15, 2012 the new Tenacious D album is hilarious. Dave Grohl rocking out on the drums is also a huge plus — Greg Mortner (@GMortner) May 15, 2012 Alright, new Tenacious D album is playing. Haven't been this happy in a while. — Chris McKendry (@cruisine2w) May 15, 2012 Tenacious D new cd came out today.. #TheFuckinD #BackstageBetties — JYD (@JYDeezy) May 15, 2012 wow the new Tenacious D album rize of the fenix is fukking awesome TenacD at there best lol new film please!!! — Ade Cole (@obiadekanobi) May 15, 2012 Actually in tears with laughter at the new Tenacious D album — Sam C Harris (@SamCPizzaMan) May 15, 2012 Rocking tenacious d Tuesday!!!! — Tracy (@tracyxxx) May 15, 2012 Listening to some new Tenacious D!!!! — Austin Zani (@zaniad) May 15, 2012 Yay Tenacious D album has come :) #happydays — Emma Bowley (@emma_bowley) May 15, 2012 So Tenacious D's new album is out….Awesome!!! — Henry Brady (@henrybrady_) May 15, 2012 Read more:

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