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Tenacious D is back and better than ever!/OneRepublic/status/202417491601915905 Millions around the world were rocking out to the new Tenacious D album, “Rize of the Fenix” on Tuesday. Fans of Jack Black and Kyle Glass were ecstatic in March when the duo announced the new album along with a worldwide tour, and now that the record has finally hit shelves, nobody is disappointed.!/LaurieRodrig/status/202444763302084608 Can't stop listening to Tenacious D's new "Rize Of The Fenix" album! — Tom Cocker (@TomCocker_Media) May 15, 2012 the new Tenacious D album is hilarious. Dave Grohl rocking out on the drums is also a huge plus — Greg Mortner (@GMortner) May 15, 2012 Alright, new Tenacious D album is playing. Haven't been this happy in a while. — Chris McKendry (@cruisine2w) May 15, 2012 Tenacious D new cd came out today.. #TheFuckinD #BackstageBetties — JYD (@JYDeezy) May 15, 2012 wow the new Tenacious D album rize of the fenix is fukking awesome TenacD at there best lol new film please!!! — Ade Cole (@obiadekanobi) May 15, 2012 Actually in tears with laughter at the new Tenacious D album — Sam C Harris (@SamCPizzaMan) May 15, 2012 Rocking tenacious d Tuesday!!!! — Tracy (@tracyxxx) May 15, 2012 Listening to some new Tenacious D!!!! — Austin Zani (@zaniad) May 15, 2012 Yay Tenacious D album has come :) #happydays — Emma Bowley (@emma_bowley) May 15, 2012 So Tenacious D's new album is out….Awesome!!! — Henry Brady (@henrybrady_) May 15, 2012 Read more:

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X Games Finally Adds BMX to “Real Series”

After a successful 2015 campaign, X Games will host five new Real Series competitions in 2016

The "Real Series", brought to you by the X Games, is a series of raw footage featuring some real badass X Games athletes.  The show brings the X Games sports to the real terrain showcasing the extreme sports in their nature habitat.

X Games “Real Series” to Include BMX

After a successful 2015 campaign, X Games will host five new Real Series competitions in 2016 as part of the expanded content offerings provided by World of X Games on ABC. HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches, has signed as the presenting sponsor for the series. For the first time, the 2016 Real Series event lineup will include Real BMX. Additionally, the Real Ski competition will shift focus this year from backcountry riding to skiing in urban environments. Read more at


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

BMX club founder is given national honour

A Brixton man who has spent more than 30 years promoting BMX riding has been recognised with a national honour.

Ken Floyde, 54, of Clapham Park, has been selected to receive a British Citizen Award (BCA) for his services to the community after establishing the Brixton BMX Club.

The club, founded in 1981, was seen as a place where young people from troubled backgrounds could turn their lives around by helping them to become productive members of society, both socially and economically.

Ken has shown commitment to the club and, in turn, has had an impact on South London and British sport as a whole, giving opportunities to young people who have gone on to be either professional riders or coaches of the sport.

The Brixton BMX Club also led to the creation of other local clubs, such as the Peckham BMX Club, whose founder Michael Pusey was recently awarded an MBE, and the more recent Merton BMX Club.

When Ken heard of his nomination, he said: “When I was told I was being nominated I was surprised, it is an honour and privilege to receive this award. I am extremely grateful for it as I feel the BCA recognise ordinary everyday people.”

Ken was nominated by Mike Woof, a member of the Brixton BMX Club, who said: “Ken is a very gentle, generous and quiet person, who gives all of his time to helping people and will never ask for anything in return.”

The British Citizen Awards were launched in January 2015 to recognise exceptional individuals who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on society. They are awarded twice a year to recognise ‘everyday’ people whose achievements may otherwise go overlooked.

Ken is one of 33 medallists who will be honoured at a prestigious ceremony on January 28 at the Palace of Westminster.

“I can’t wait for the ceremony now,” said Ken.

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